Claim a free trial

Instructions for claiming a free trial for an Accelerator 365 app from the SharePoint Store.

All Accelerator apps downloaded from the SharePoint Store will default to a full functionality 60-day free trial.

  1. Having installed the Accelerator app from the SharePoint Store (see the Installation instructions page), edit your SharePoint page and add an Accelerator app from the SharePoint app toolbox.

If you don't see the Accelerator app in the SharePoint app toolbox, you may need to add the app to your site (see Add an app to a site).


2. You will be requested to enter your details to claim your free trial. Click on the Enter details button.

Enter details


3. Provide your details and click on the Submit button.

Enter details dialog


4. Congratulations, your free 60-day trial for the Accelerator app has now started!

Trial started

The days remaining for your trial will appear in the property pane when editing the app. Once the trial expires, the app will stop working, but you won't lose any content or configurations. Simply get in touch to purchase a license key.