How to license an Accelerator app?

Instructions for licensing an Accelerator 365 app from the SharePoint Store.

All Accelerator apps downloaded from the SharePoint Store will default to a full functionality 60-day free trial (see Claim a free trial).

We will provide a license key for all apps that have been purchased, which will remove mention of the trial for all users.


A user with the SharePoint Administrator role on the tenant will be required to apply the license key for Accelerator apps.

  1. Edit an Accelerator app on your SharePoint page.
  2. An 'Enter license key' button will appear in the property pane. Click on this button.

Enter license key


3. A box will appear to enter a license key. Enter the license key provided by Reply and click Apply.

Enter license dialog


4. This license key will unlock all Accelerator apps that you have purchased. You will only be required to enter the license key a single time to license all Accelerator apps in your SharePoint tenant.
License added


In the future, if you purchase and deploy new Accelerator apps from our product catalogue via the SharePoint Store, you will need to enter the license key again.