Installation instructions

Instructions for installing an Accelerator 365 app from the SharePoint Store

Install from the SharePoint Store

  1. On the site where you want to add an app, go to Settings and then select Add an app.
  2. At the top of the page in the menu bar, select SharePoint Store.
  3. Search for Accelerator to locate the necessary app.
  4. Select the app you want to add.
  5. Select Request.

Note: a user with SharePoint Administrator permissions on the tenant will instead see Add to Apps site. This would skip the below instructions and move to the Approve the app steps.


Request an Accelerator app

6. Optionally, you can add a reason for your request. Then select Send request.

Request reason


 7. When the app is approved by a SharePoint Administrator, it can be added to sites. 


Approve the app

  1. Go to the More features page of the SharePoint Admin Centre, and sign in with an account that has SharePoint Administrator permissions for your organization.
  2. Under Apps, select Open to open the Apps section.
  3. Expand App requests, and then select Pending.

Pending app requests


4. In the App Requests lists, select the request corresponding to the Accelerator 365 app you wish to install.

5. On the app request form, add any comments in the Comments. Select Approve and add this app.

6. You will have 2 installation options to choose from for the app's availability in your SharePoint tenant:

  • Only enable this app - the app is available for Site Owners to manually add to their site.
  • Enable this app and add it to all sites - the app is added to all sites in the tenant by default.

Confirm data access

7. Confirm the data access required by the app by selecting Confirm.

8. If the app requires additional permissions, you will be prompted to go to the API access page to approve these permissions.

Note: a user with the Global Administrator role in the tenant will be required to approve these permissions.

9. Installation complete!

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