Update an app

Instructions for updating an Accelerator 365 app from the SharePoint Store.

The SharePoint Administrator role is required for updating an app.

  1. Go to the More features page of the SharePoint Admin Centre, and sign in with an account that has SharePoint Administrator permissions for your organization.
  2. Under Apps, select Open to open the Apps section.
  3. Select Manage apps.

    Manage apps

  4. Updating SharePoint Store apps can currently only be triggered via the classic experience of the app catalog. Click on the link to go to the classic experience.

    Classic experience link

  5. Select the Accelerator 365 app that requires an update. Take note of how the app has been deployed according to the Add to all sites column.
    • Yes - The app has been installed on all SharePoint sites in the tenant by default. 
    • No - The app has been enabled but not installed on all SharePoint sites in the tenant. 
  6. In the Files tab in the SharePoint ribbon, select the option for Upgrade Store App.

    Upgrade Store App

  7. Referring to your note from step 5, either check or uncheck the box to Make this solution available to all sites in your organization.

    If the Added to all sites column for the app was "Yes", check the box.
    If the Added to all sites column for the app was "No", uncheck the box

    Then click on the Deploy button to update your app.

    Upgrade Store App Confirmation

When updating some Accelerator 365 apps, a message may appear asking to "Please go to the API Management Page to approve pending permissions". This is referring the Microsoft Graph API permissions some apps use.

This action isn't required. You can proceed to update the app by clicking on the Deploy button.