Release notes

Release notes for the Poll app by Accelerator 365

These release notes provide information and about updates and new features for the Poll app.

February 9, 2024 (version

  • Core update: This release updates the core Microsoft library from SPFx 1.14 to 1.18.
  • Product information: Added links to the Accelerator 365 knowledge base and app version information into the web part properties.
  • Reliability and performance improvements: Updates and improvements to the core functionality to improve the performance and reliability of the Poll app.
  • Poll settings: Squished a bug to allow an editor to disable the "Allow multiple answers" toggle before saving their changes for the poll.
  • UI updates: Various UI updates to align with the new style guidelines from SharePoint in addition to
  • Language support for French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.

October 26, 2023 (version

  • Vote count: This update includes performance improvements to the vote counting mechanism.
  • Improvements to language support for Czech

September 28, 2023 (version

Recommended update

  • Vote count: This update addresses issues which can result in votes being inaccurately counted.
  • Answer ordering: Squished a bug related to ordering the answers in a poll.
  • Language support for Czech

June 12, 2023 (version

  • Stability and performance improvements: Numerous updates and improvements to the core functionality to improve performance.
  • Licensing screens: This update addresses minor labelling and styling updates to the licensing screens and dialogs.

April 21, 2023 (version

  • Viva Connections: Squished a bug related to displaying the title on the Dashboard card.

April 20, 2023 (version

  • Site sharing fix: Squished a bug related to a conflict with the Microsoft site sharing functionality.

April 7, 2023 (version

  • Product branding: Updates to labels and product titles to reflect the refreshed Accelerator 365 branding.

February 3, 2023 (version

  • Error handling: Squished a bug related to error handling on the Viva Connections Dashboard card for Poll.

January 24, 2023 (version

  • Licensing screens: This update includes improvements to the trial licensing screens and related process.

October 13, 2022 (version

  • Display of web part title: This resolves an issue with the display of the web part title in certain conditions

September 28, 2022 (version

  • Editing an existing poll: This resolves an issue with duplicate poll answers appearing after editing an existing poll.
  • Cancel action: Squished a bug related to cancelling an edit being made on a poll.

September 21, 2022 (version

  • Viva Connections: This update extends the Poll app to support Viva Connections in the form of a Dashboard card.

July 25, 2022 (version

  • Initial release: The initial release of the Poll into the SharePoint Store.

Release notes from versions of the app prior to publication in the SharePoint Store are not listed.