Technical details

Technical details for the Stock Price app by Accelerator 365

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Recommended deployment scope

It is expected that the Stock Price app is made available only on specific areas of your SharePoint tenant as necessary, e.g., a home site or landing site.

Therefore, it is recommended to select the Only enable this app option on deployment (see the Installation instructions page). This means the app is available for Site Owners to manually add to their site.

Architectural notes

A third-party API is required to retrieve stock information. Reply has a subscription to a service (EOD Historical Data) for the provision of this data, which is included with the web part purchase for the duration of an Accelerator subscription agreement with Reply.

Data is stored in a Reply Microsoft Azure Blob Storage subscription, with an Azure App Service used to schedule the collection of the data. This architecture is used to ensure the performance of the app, as opposed to making multiple direct calls from client-side devices. The Stock Price web part makes a request to the App Service endpoint to retrieve the necessary data on page load.

Reply makes an API request to EOD Historical Data on a scheduled 5-minute call. EOD Historical Data provides live (delayed) stock prices. With this API endpoint, you can get delayed (15-20 minutes) information about almost all stocks on the market. More details can be found on the EOD Historical Data website.