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Technical details related to the Accelerator 365 apps available from the SharePoint Store.

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The Accelerator apps have been developed in line with Microsoft guidance and documentation. They have been specifically built for use in Microsoft SharePoint Online and have been submitted to the SharePoint Store, where they are individually reviewed by Microsoft before being made publicly available. Apps downloaded from the SharePoint Store are hosted locally in your SharePoint environment.

All Accelerator apps in the SharePoint Store are available to install with full functionality as a 60-day trial version. They can then be converted to a paid version on the provision of a license key from Reply.

Anonymous usage telemetry is sent to Reply to ensure service delivery, but no content leaves the client tenant and Reply does not have access to this content (see the App telemetry section).

SharePoint Store deployment benefits

The SharePoint Store deployment method is the only supported approach by Reply. It enables the following benefits:

  • All apps are tested and approved by Microsoft before entering the store.
  • The Accelerator apps can be deployed at speed.
  • The ability to ensure clients are on the latest supported version of all apps.
  • The ability to deliver feature enhancements at no additional cost.
    • Any app updates are included with the original purchase of the Accelerator apps.
    • All updates that are delivered will again go through Microsoft’s testing process.

Required access endpoints

The following endpoints are accessed by Accelerator apps, and is a requirement that clients ensure they remain accessible in their network:

  1. Client Side Assets Library – SharePoint stores all client-side assets for SharePoint framework solutions, including Accelerator apps, in a central location in your SharePoint tenant. Ensure that access to the Client Side Assets Library is excluded from any organisational policies your company may have applied to SharePoint-hosted libraries and documents.
  2. License Server – Access to Reply’s licence tool to ensure the apps can validate the license that has been assigned for your SharePoint tenant.
  3. Application Insights – As described in the App telemetry section, several URLs are required for our telemetry to function. These can be found in the Microsoft documentation.
  4. Stock Price – Stock information is provided by a third-party data provider (EOD Historical Data). Reply has a subscription to this service and delivers stock information requests through an Azure service. Ensure the following endpoint is accessible.

Microsoft 365 integration

For apps that require integration with other services within Microsoft 365, the Microsoft Graph is utilised. The Microsoft Graph provides a unified programmability model that can be used to access the data held within Microsoft 365 (and beyond). Currently, only the Microsoft Graph API is used, and no Microsoft Graph connectors or Microsoft Graph data connect tools.

Where applicable, details of how each app uses the Microsoft Graph are included in the 'Technical details' section for each app in the Apps category of the knowledge base.

Data storage

For apps that display more complex content, that cannot be stored as content in a page, a mechanism for persisting the content is required. In this case, the Accelerator apps utilise the native functionality offered by SharePoint lists for this purpose.

Most of these lists are hidden from users and are provisioned automatically by the apps as required. They can be accessed directly via URL or, where appropriate, a link is provided in the web part property pane.

Where applicable these lists are detailed in the 'Technical details' section for each app in the Apps category of the knowledge base.

App telemetry

All Accelerator apps are designed to send telemetry to a Microsoft Azure Application Insights service owned by Reply. This does not track content or user data for apps. It has been architected in this manner due to the evergreen nature of the SharePoint Online service, so that Reply may be alerted to any exceptions or issues occurring due to updates and differences between Microsoft 365 tenancies.

An extract of the telemetry data can be provided upon request.