Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions for the Translator for SharePoint solution by Accelerator 365


What languages are supported?

Support for over 50 different languages is available on SharePoint Online. A list of supported languages can be found on the Microsoft website. The Translator for SharePoint solution can support all of the listed languages. 

What web parts does Translator for SharePoint support?

This solution supports the translation of an array of out-of-the-box Microsoft SharePoint web parts as well as the Accelerator apps. Full details on supported web parts can be found in our 'What's translated?' document.

Is Translator for SharePoint suitable for large-scale content translation?

Translator for SharePoint is designed to cater to both small and large-scale SharePoint content translation. The solution is scalable and can be used across any number of sites and pages in a SharePoint tenant. Also, the bulk content translation feature offers an efficient method to translate content into multiple languages. See the user Getting started page for more details.

Can translations be reviewed and edited before publishing?

Yes, Translator for SharePoint integrates with the standard page publishing process in SharePoint meaning editors can review and edit translated content on their SharePoint page before publishing.


Setup & installation

Can I try Translator for SharePoint on my SharePoint site?

Yes! We offer a free 60-day trial, and you can get started with your free trial by following the steps on our Installation instructions page.

After 60 days, your trial license will expire with instructions on how to purchase a full license.

How do I set up Translator for SharePoint?

Translator for SharePoint is powered by the Microsoft Translator services from Azure AI. Visit the Translator for SharePoint Installation instructions page for a step-by-step guide on how you can create your Microsoft Translator resource.



Does Accelerator 365 have access to content or my translated content?

No, all translations occur within the security perimeter of your Microsoft tenancy meaning Accelerator 365 does not receive or have access to your content/translated content. Further information on the architectural design of Translator for SharePoint can be found on the Technical details page.



Are there any ongoing costs?

Translator for SharePoint uses the enterprise-grade Microsoft Translator service from Azure AI. Aside from your initial purchase, ongoing charges do apply based on the amount of content translated, and further details on the associated charges can be found on the Microsoft website.