Installation instructions

Instructions for installing the Translator for SharePoint solution


The Translator for SharePoint installation is split into two parts:

  1. Installation from the SharePoint Store
  2. And the creation of an Azure AI Translator resource.

Installation from the SharePoint Store

Firstly, follow the steps on our Installation instructions page to install the Translator for SharePoint solution from the SharePoint Store. Then, proceed with the steps below.

Create an Azure AI Translator resource

Azure AI Translator is a cloud-based machine translation service that is part of the Microsoft Azure AI services family. Azure resources are instances of services that you create.

Free trial: The 60-day free trial includes 10 free translations. After this, you will need to obtain your own license for Microsoft Translator from the Azure portal by following the steps below.

Azure permissions: A user with the Owner or Contributor role on your Azure Subscription will be required for the following steps.

  1. Select one of your available Azure subscriptions.
  2. You can create a new resource group or add your resource to a pre-existing resource group.
  3. Locate the Translator resource and add this to your resource group.
  4. Select a region for your resource to be hosted in.
  5. Enter the name you have chosen for your resource. The name you choose must be unique within Azure.
  6. Select a pricing tier that meets your needs. Further details on Translator pricing can be found here.
  7. Select Review + Create.
  8. Once your Translator resource has been created, in the left rail, select Keys and Endpoint under the Resource Management heading.
  9. Copy the values from Key 1 and Location/Region, and paste these values into the relevant sections of the Translator for SharePoint property pane.
    Translator for SharePoint - Configuration
  10. Custom Translator is an optional feature supported by Translator for SharePoint. Further details on this service can be found here.

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