Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions for the Welcome app by Accelerator 365


How does Welcome retrieve the local weather conditions?

Welcome uses a third-party weather provider, OpenWeather, to retrieve weather information for your user's location, which is determined from their browser's location.



What layouts are available in Welcome?

Welcome has 3 default layouts available as standard:

  1. Featured: includes most functionality available in Welcome, including the slides, greeting message, time controls, and weather.
  2. Banner: is the sleekest option available and includes only the greeting message, time, and weather.
  3. Search: brings the search bar front and center. This layout only includes the controls available for search.

Custom layouts are also supported in Welcome if you're looking for something more bespoke!

What are the image dimensions for all Welcome layouts?

Image dimensions will vary depending on the SharePoint section Welcome is placed in and the layout chosen. You can find the appropriate dimensions below: 

    SharePoint section

    Featured layout

    Banner layout

    Search layout

    One column

    1204px x 500px

    1204px x 125px

    1204px x 240px

    Two columns

    586px x 500px

    586px x 207px

    586px x 235px

    Three columns

    380px x 500px

    380px x 207px

    380px x 211px

    Two-thirds column

    792px x 500px

    792px x 125px

    792px x 240px

    Full-width section

    Page width x 600px

    Page width x 125px

    Page width x 240px


    When a SharePoint vertical section is used, the following image dimensions apply:  

    SharePoint section

    Featured layout

    Banner layout

    Search layout

    One column with a vertical section

    980px x 500px

    980px x 125px

    980px x 240px

    Two columns with a vertical section

    474px x 500px

    474px x 207px

    474px x 235px

    Three columns with a vertical section

    305.33px x 500px

    305.33px x 207px

    305.33px x 252px

    Two-thirds column with a vertical section

    642.66px x 500px

    642.66px x 125px

    642.66px x 240px

    Vertical section

    300px x 500px

    300px x 207px

    300px x 252px